**Each Session recipe you make is about 6-servings (Split in 2 containers)**

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Meal Prep Session Times

Tuesday-Friday (10am; 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm & 7pm)

Saturday and Sunday (10am, 11am, 12pm & 1pm)

  • asiago_ratatouille

    Asiago Ratatouille

    Large diced zucchini, squash,tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, basil & spices, topped with a rich white wine tomato sauce and sprinkled with asiago cheese. Gluten-Free & VG

    6 servings, 6 SmartPts, Cal-177, Fat-9g, Sat fat-4g, Chol-34mg, Sodium-314mg, Carb-11g, Fiber-6g, Sugar-4g, Protein-13g

  • beef_tamale_1111817113

    Beef Tamale Pie

    You’ve heard the name, but have you tried one?! A delectable combination of fresh ground beef, diced tomatoes, green chilies and spices topped with a golden cornbread crust. Just what your family needs to warm up!

  • canadian_bacon_calzone

    Canadian Bacon Calzone

    The Dinner Bell’s signature fluffy dough stuffed full of mozzarella cheese, Canadian bacon, sausage, mushrooms & green peppers. But don’t stop there! Feel free to customize each calzone to your liking!

  • chicken_and_andouille_gumbo_2020213209

    Chicken & Andouille Gumbo

    Our Cajun gumbo has some serious spice! Made with Andouille sausage, rice, okra,gumbo filé, red bell peppers, garlic, and Cajun spices. Not a fan of heat? Leave some of the hotter spices out and make it  a savory, non-spicy meal instead! Gluten-Free

    6 servings, 8 SmartPts, Cal-313, Fat-9g, Sat fat-3g, Chol-141mg, Sodium-528mg, Carb-31g, Fiber-6g, Sugar-5g, Protein-27g

  • chicken_cheddar_broccoli_casserole

    Chicken Cheddar Broccoli Casserole

    Tender pulled chicken mixed with broccoli, sharp cheddar cheese, and rice.Baked together with a golden, flakey crust.

    6 servings, 8 SmartPts, Cal-303, Fat-7g, Sat fat-2g, Chol-15mg, Sodium-435mg, Carb-43g, Fiber-3g, Sugar-1g, Protein-17g

  • chicken_spiedini_-_actual

    Chicken Spiedini

    Our Fan Favorite! Whole boneless chicken breasts lightly breaded with panko, Parmesan & parsley, and then baked until crisp. Topped with Chef Carson’s Zesty Tomato Sauce. (Chef Carson’s Zesty Tomato Sauce is now available for purchase! See staff for details)

     6 servings, 4 SmartPts, Cal-249, Fat-13g, Sat fat-2g, Chol-65mg, Sodium-442mg, Carb-7g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-0g, Protein-26g

  • french_toast_411638752

    French Toast Casserole

    Back by popular demand! This yummy casserole combines the warmth of your breakfast favorites for a fun family meal: thick Texas toast, bacon bits, sweet dried cranberries and pecans makeup one of The Dinner Bell’s top requested items!

    8 servings, 12 SmartPts, Cal-311, Fat-23g, Sat fat-6g, Chol-54mg, Sodium-179mg, Carb-20g, Fiber-3g, Sugar-14g, Protein-6g

  • hawaiian_pork_and_rice

    Hawaiian Pork & Rice

    Pork rubbed with sweet & smoky spices, slow cooked till it melts in your mouth and paired with sweet & savory pineapple rice. Gluten-Free

    8 servings, 9 SmartPts, Cal-314, Fat-14g, Sat fat-7g, Chol-90mg, Sodium-215mg, Carb-22g, Fiber-3g, Sugar-6g, Protein-25g

  • pretzel_and_honey_mustard_chicken_1311674093

    Pretzel & Honey Mustard Chicken

    Diced chicken breasts encrusted with a blend of pretzels, herbs and honey mustard. Served with sweet ‘n’ savory honey mustard sauce for topping or dipping.

    6 servings, 6 SmartPts, Cal-260, Fat-4g, Sat fat-0g, Chol-107mg, Sodium-398mg, Carb-29g, Fiber-4g, Sugar-3g, Protein-27g

  • savory_pork_tenderloin

    Savory Pork Tenderloin

    This meal comes with all the fixin’s! Savory pork tenderloin slow cooks in a deep, rich broth with fresh herbs and spices, garlic seasoned baby Yukon potatoes and fresh green beans. Gluten-Free

  • shrimp_etoufee_1683666576

    Shrimp Étouffée

    True Louisiana cooking! Shrimp cooked with classic Cajun seasoning and creamy sauce, smothered with orzo pasta, fresh okra, bell peppers, & peas.

  • steak_quesadilla_607681390

    Steak Quesadillas

    Cilantro and lime marinated steak is the centerpiece of this Build-Your-Own experience! Choose from an assortment of fillings to make this quesadilla truly unique. Top at home with anything you like!

    6 servings, 11 SmartPts, Cal-422, Fat-18g, Sat fat-8g, Chol-92mg, Sodium-538mg, Carb-35g, Fiber-22g, Sugar-3g, Protein-30g

  • stuffed_manicotti_marinara_1176735436

    Stuffed Manicotti Marinara

    A classic! Manicotti noodles stuffed with a ricotta cheese blend, Italian spiced ground beef and marinara sauce. Topped with Parmesan cheese and more delicious marinara.  (Bake - 35 minutes)

    10 servings, 5 SmartPts, Cal-225, Fat-9g, Sat fat-4g, Chol-68mg, Sodium-296mg, Carb-16g, Fiber-2g, Sugar-3g, Protein-20g

  • sweet_peppadew_stuffed_chicken

    Sweet Peppadew Stuffed Chicken

    Whole chicken breasts stuffed with a sweet, non-spicy peppadew pepper and cream cheese blend, topped with a crispy crust and baked together. Top it off with our house-made sweet pepper jelly.  (Bake: 28 - 32 minutes)  Gluten-Free w/o panko bread crumbs

    6 servings, 5 SmartPts, Cal-286, Fat-10g, Sat fat-4g, Chol-149mg, Sodium-263mg, Carb-7g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-2g, Protein-42g

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Denise from St. Peters: This is exactly what I needed in my life! I did not have to slice, dice, clean up or shop! The recipes are easy and delicious. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. It is fun to do! My freezer is full. And the cost is unbelievable... I spend twice as much per meal at McDonalds and am tired of eating takeout and unhealthy food. I could never shop for the ingredients and have them cost so little. I highly recommend The Dinner Bell. I know I will be back every month.... at least!

Lisa from St. Charles: My 9 year old daughter and I prepped 6 meals yesterday and had such a wonderful experience! Everything was so easy! My daughter loved prepping sauces and attaching labels. The staff was very welcoming and helpful, happy to bring us anything we needed and quick to clean up behind us when a station was finished. All ingredients looked fresh and the facility was so clean! I am excited to have 12 dinners in our freezer as we get ready to go back to school. Thank you for bringing this option to the Cottleville area! I can't wait to come back!

Jennifer from St. Peters: What a great concept! I am not one who likes to cook so this works out perfect for my family. Loved every aspect of The Dinner Bell. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The menu is amazing and will feed even the picky ones:) So glad to have this new business in our community!

Katie from Eureka: We attended date night and had a blast. The staff is so great and helpful.

Kim from St. Charles: Made my Husband go for the first time with me yesterday, and left with him excited to go back. 
We made 6 items. Took us about an hour and a half, but to be honest, we were not hurrying. We took our time, enjoyed the experience, and felt very comfortable just kind of having fun.

Chelsea from Wentzville: My saving grace for quality meals for my busy family!!!