Rewards & Incentives

At The Dinner Bell, we want to provide an exceptional experience for our customers, while providing top-notch and creative recipes. If you think we are doing a great job, let us know. Better yet, bring a friend, or family member! We have come up with our Rewards and Incentives program below to thank our customers for bringing us business and hopefully, keep you coming back!

*Only 1 discount or reward can be applied per purchase*

Volume Discount

When preparing 6 or more entrees, you’ll receive our volume discount. We will discount each entrée by $3.75. (Regular session price = $26.25; Discounted session price = $22.50)

Bring 2

Who doesn’t love a good discount? We think you, our loyal customer, should be rewarded for helping The Dinner Bell grow! It’s easy, here’s how you can get 25% off your full session price (up to 8 entrees):

  • First, come in for a session and prepare at least 6 entrees
  • Then, have 2 friends come for a session and make at least 6 entrees each
  • That’s it! You’ll get a 25% discount on the full session price if you’re here with your 2 friends or a 25% off your next session if they came alone and dropped your name at the front desk.



For 6 entrees, you pay $118.13 ($127.51 w/ tax) vs. $135.00 ($145.73 w/ tax)

For 8 entrees, you pay $157.50 ($170.02 w/ tax) vs. $210.00 ($226.70 w/ tax)

Customer Appreciation 
When you come in for a session and make at least 6 entrees, you’ll automatically get our Free Customer Appreciation Gift! The gift changes each month and ranges from one of our delicious side items, or one of our yummy desserts! *This discount applies to session purchases only.

Loyalty Program
On your 7th order of 6 or more session entrées, you'll receive a 25% discount (off of the full session price of $26.25) on up to 12 entrées. See the front desk to grab your Dinner Bell Loyalty Card!

Expecting Parents
For all expecting parents, Mom or Dad can place a To-Go order either through our website or in-store, and we will waive the assembly fee for three consecutive months.    The cost to the expecting family is $12.50 per to go entrée.

Group Rewards and Charitable Contributions 
When you schedule a group session, and the group purchases a total of 60 or more meals, the group coordinator can choose to receive either a $50 donation to the non-profit of his or her choice, or a $135 gift card to The Dinner Bell for a future purchase.

Military Discount
Police/military/fire personnel who present their ID/badge will receive a 10% discount at The Dinner Bell. (Excludes already discounted session entrées)

What our customers say

Denise from St. Peters: This is exactly what I needed in my life! I did not have to slice, dice, clean up or shop! The recipes are easy and delicious. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. It is fun to do! My freezer is full. And the cost is unbelievable... I spend twice as much per meal at McDonalds and am tired of eating takeout and unhealthy food. I could never shop for the ingredients and have them cost so little. I highly recommend The Dinner Bell. I know I will be back every month.... at least!

Lisa from St. Charles: My 9 year old daughter and I prepped 6 meals yesterday and had such a wonderful experience! Everything was so easy! My daughter loved prepping sauces and attaching labels. The staff was very welcoming and helpful, happy to bring us anything we needed and quick to clean up behind us when a station was finished. All ingredients looked fresh and the facility was so clean! I am excited to have 12 dinners in our freezer as we get ready to go back to school. Thank you for bringing this option to the Cottleville area! I can't wait to come back!

Jennifer from St. Peters: What a great concept! I am not one who likes to cook so this works out perfect for my family. Loved every aspect of The Dinner Bell. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The menu is amazing and will feed even the picky ones:) So glad to have this new business in our community!

Katie from Eureka: We attended date night and had a blast. The staff is so great and helpful.

Kim from St. Charles: Made my Husband go for the first time with me yesterday, and left with him excited to go back. 
We made 6 items. Took us about an hour and a half, but to be honest, we were not hurrying. We took our time, enjoyed the experience, and felt very comfortable just kind of having fun.

Chelsea from Wentzville: My saving grace for quality meals for my busy family!!!